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Our Mission

Succeeding with video marketing has been out of reach for small and medium businesses for too long.

Shakr’s mission is to connect businesses of all sizes with success in the video first world. Through our 3,000+ video ad templates, a community of 1,000+ motion graphics designers, and proprietary video editing & rendering technology, the Shakr team levels the playing field and unlocks new realms of success in digital video marketing for businesses of all sizes.

Working at Shakr

The video marketing is a tumultuous landscape — indeed, just a few years ago, there wasn’t really a digital video advertising industry.

While we persist in adjusting to important and pressing changes, Shakr is a calming force in the industry, with a steadfast commitment to laying solid foundations for success ahead of the curve. Shakr is the state of the art when it comes to delivering video creative that drives results on mobile and social media.

What We Do

Interesting people doing meaningful work together

We think beyond our own tasks and direct responsibilities, embracing interdisciplinary curiosity to thoroughly imagine and understand what it takes to drive customer success. We are pioneers in the video marketing industry, striving to outperform our own accomplishments.

We place great emphasis on encouraging our team members to pursue stimulating and interesting hobbies outside of Shakr.

Our team includes a paraglider who makes FaceTime calls from 900 meters up in the sky, a musician, gamers, photographers, and more.

At Shakr, we believe that excessive rules and a static environment prevent creativity from shining through, and lead to suppressed productivity. We work with people who can balance freedom and responsibility, and believe in the value of flexible work environments.


  • Gear provided
  • Flexible vacations
  • Flexible remote working

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Creative Lab

Motion Graphics Designer
Creative Lab
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Shakr New York

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Shakr Seoul

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Gangnam-gu, Seoul